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10 Ways to Stop Feeling Overworked and Overwhelmed 
Jeff Haden March 2015

All of those can help, but as Scott Eblin, author of Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative, says, "The only person who is going to keep you from feeling overworked and overwhelmed is you."
According to Scott, it all starts with one thing. You must commit to intentionally managing your time so you have a fighting chance of showing up at your best: your most inspired, your most productive, and your most "in the flow."
So how do you do that? Here are Scott's tips:

1. Recognize and overcome the tyranny of the present.
People who are always "in the moment" don't look ahead and make plans to pursue their goals and dreams. Though there are certainly things you need to do every day, much of what you think you need to do isn't particularly important -- especially where your long-term goals are concerned.

How to Deal with Headhunters
by Ellie Williams, Demand Media

"In the business world, a “headhunter” is someone who handles recruiting and interviewing on behalf of corporate clients. If you’re invited for an interview with a headhunter, you’ve made a good impression during telephone screening interviews. During this round of interviews, the headhunter will dig deeper in an effort to uncover the real you, and only applicants who pass this rigorous screening process will get interviews with the client.
Step 1 - Pretend you’re interviewing with the employer. Some job-seekers mistakenly view the headhunter interview as a formality or a casual chat prior to meeting with the employer. They may not prepare as well or be as mindful of their body language and other cues during the meeting. However, if you don’t pass this first step, you’ll never make it to an official interview with the employer. Approach the interview as though you’re meeting with senior company leadership and as if it’s your one opportunity to impress. Arrive early, dress professionally, offer a firm handshake and make plenty of eye contact.
Step 2 - Be prepared for more personal questions. A headhunter’s reputation is on the line when he recommends candidates to his clients, so he wants to look past the stellar resume and get a glimpse into your personality. He’ll likely ask much more personal questions than you’d normally encounter during an interview. For example, he might ask about your upbringing and how your parents influenced your career choices. While these questions may not seem directly related to your qualifications, he’s trying to understand your goals and values. Be honest and open, and share personal details that portray you as a committed, hardworking candidate."  Read more....

How to Deal With Head Hunters During Interviews

​Coping with Stress and Avoiding Burnout: Techniques for Lawyers
By Owen Kelly

"Stress is a fact of life for all of us, and lawyers are certainly no exception. Stressful events can vary greatly in severity, but they activate a series of

common biological and behavioural responses that help us cope with the situation. While these changes are adaptive in the short-term, prolonged stress can lead to physical and mental illness.

Workplace challenges can have a particularly profound impact on wellbeing. Indeed, the professional and interpersonal environment in which lawyers function appears at times to have been tailored to elicit feelings of distress! Read on to find out more about stress and the human response, and how lawyers can take steps to cope with stress in their everyday lives."


10 Ways to Survive a Long-Haul Flight 
earing about a recent staff discussion concerning the world's longest flights made me remember my first true long-haul flight to Sydney, Australia, for the 2000 Summer Olympics. About six hours into the 15-hour flight, I was feeling strong and confident. I clearly remember thinking, "Six hours down, nine to go. No sweat, I got this.  "Four long, boring hours later, it was a different story; you could have poured me into a bucket. "Five hours to go? I don't got this.  "But get there I did. Unfortunately, that meant I had to get back, as well, a flight on which I made a serious tactical error, which led to misery for me and entertainment for my friends on the flight -- about which I will tell more in due course. call us at 02073854764